Master Chess Analysis 3rd Session

Master Chess Analysis 3rd Session

NM Kanthecarowin
Jul 21, 2015, 3:47 AM |

Hello all,

This is my third session of my analysis of member games that I write every week on Tuesdays - I analyze all games that are sent in a message to Kanthecarowin (or post in the group MasterChessAnalysis )

This week's session will be solely reserved for games from the simul that I hosted on last Saturday (Keep on the lookout of my blog posts as I will be hosting another one soon Smile ) 

So, let's begin

Below you will find all 12 games (11 wins, 1 loss, 0 draws for me) with analysis 

Some interesting facts that I found in the games:

1.d4 was played 75% of the time (9/12 games)

1.e4 was played in the other 3 games 

The king's indian appeared 5/12 times

Now the games:

Game 1. Kanthecarowin - Boogalicious 1-0

Game 2. Kanthecarowin - Grokhome 0-1

Game 3.  Vibhav_G - Kanthecarowin 0-1

Game 4. Klink905 - Kanthecarowin 0-1
Game 5. SkepticalYeti25 - Kanthecarowin 0-1
Game 6. Oddskill - Kanthecarowin 0-1
Game 7. Kanthecarowin - 16_Thebestnumber_Pak 1-0
Game 8. Hozer - Kanthecarowin 0-1
Game 9. Kanthecarowin - DENVERHIGH
Game 10. Kanthecarowin - Rkd1
Game 11. Kanthecarowin - osced1
Game 12. Kanthecarowin - whiteravenx
Thanks to all the players who participated in the simul and thanks to all the people who have sent me games to be analyzed (they will be posted on the blog next Tuesday)
Please comment below if you would be interested in participating in a simul with a titled player (UPDATE: Simul may be hosted this upcoming weekend) and send me your games that you want to be analyzed