Weekly Top User of Chess.com

Feb 27, 2010, 3:25 PM |

When I looked on my profile on Wakoopa (a computer usage tracker), and clicked on Chess.com, then I saw that I'm the Weekly Top User of Chess.com!

It is only among the about 330 users, who are using Wakoopa and Chess.com on the same time, but still. :-)

This is my first week here at Chess.com and I'm very glad to be here!
I started at Wednesday the February 24th 2010, so it isn't so long time ago. :-)

Chess.com is also the 6th most popular strategy game on the Web! (Februray 2010)

You can see the Chess.com page on Wakoopa here: http://wakoopa.com/software/chesscom

Here is a link for my Wakoopa profile, so you can see what software- and webapplications, I'm using on my computer, if you want: http://www.wakoopa.com/KasperNymand

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