Tatics trainer rating

Jan 9, 2013, 11:01 PM |

Ok, I have come to accept the fact that the tatics trainer hates me and mocks me at every opportunity, for example: if I get the tatics puzzle wrong and hit the retry to figure it out on my own, the timer continues counting down until you get the puzzle solved. It's as if the tactics trainer is saying " ha ha, it took you a minute and thirty seconds longer than the average chess player to figure this out. Perhaps you should take up stamp collecting as your new hobby because you aren't doing very well at this one. Ha ha!"

Go ahead and mock me tatics trainer! I will keep at you until I am better than your puzzles!

Well any way, I started with an 852 rating and after about 25 minutes I was able to drop it down to an 829. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Current: 829

Highest: 1200 (9/9/12)

Lowest: 756 (1/6/13)

# Attempts: 230

Passed: 112 (48.7%)

Failed: 118 (51.3%)

Total Time: 2.2 hrs