the day we met

Feb 25, 2010, 12:43 PM |

katherine nichols dropped off anna at the corner of 7th and main. she watched as her daughter went into the court house. " little bitch", she thought, " next time she's payin for this shit herself."

katherine sometimes hated her daughter. anna was smart, but stupid in a way. she never had any common sense. katherine told her a million times to keep up her car insurance, but she never listened. " just like her mom", she smiled.

" the nichols girls are made hard," her dad always said, " and the hardest part is their head." katherine new he was right. thats why she took her name back after the divorce. why she fought 2 years with billy for custody. why she beat cancer and why she was still alive today. " i'll die fighting, because thats what we do" she thought.

she looked out the window at main street. nothing going on as usual. small town life. guy coming out of the video store. tire shop busy today. another cop cruisin the streets. same old same old.

"the man across the street is strange" she thought " i know its january but who wheres a big coat and shorts at the same time."

she rolled down her window. " cant believe its 80 outside. i need to move back to colorado."

only problem with that was billy. he used to beat her. the only man who ever did or would. she finally stood up for herself, because " i'm a nichols girl!" she smiled. " nichols girls are hard!" 

" nichols girls are fighters!"

" i'll probably die.. POP....

wa wu daaaaaaaaaaaa.................. blackness



i walked across the street. the heaviness in my pocket calling me. who will it be. the kid in the white nissan?


the lady in the suburban


she had her window down :)

the court house though

who cares !!

i walk up to her car, pull out my dad's .22


one in the skull

she tries to speak. dont know what shes saying.

i dont know why but this morning i just felt like killing someone.