Chocolaté, Candy with Hips

Chocolaté, Candy with Hips

Apr 13, 2016, 7:19 AM |

If only I had the moment, I would lie in tall grass until sun and moon rolled tranquility upon me--from stretch till yawn.

Not Poetry.

True poetry can be seen as well as heard. It touches the person inside. Of art? It is what you make it. It just is. I believe we all have arts within us. That which drives us, fuels our passions.

Of this, I have little doubt.

Words can be beautiful, but they can never truly convey the beauty I have seen. Yes, truth. Everyone has beauty, whether it be in essence, spirit, or behaviour. Some a little more than others, and a few standout as true art. I say not who, because it embarrasses them...

...but it is a really cute dimple, on an amazing face.

New Dimples, really dangerous. How do they react? As pretty and smart as you, I would protect you too. Its a dangerous world.

Pack my bags and see where life takes me. Want to live life to the fullest while its still here.

No freedom?