My first 60 On-line games

Aug 10, 2015, 9:43 PM |

8/10/2015: I'm' just writing this out as more of a journal than a Blog post.

So after 60 games of on-line chess my record is 34 wins, 25 losses and 1 draw. Right now my rating is at 1364. The highest rating I have reached was 1494 on Nov 19, 2014. My lowest rating was 1133 on Jul 8, 2009. My best win (so far) was against 'bogdanzo' who was rated 1566 at that time. The ranking of my average opponent was 1374.

I have played in one On-line Chess Tournament that started in Dec, 2014. It was the Online Chess League Qualifier #25. I played six games and ended 1-5. My last game of those six was the only one I won, by checkmate after 29 moves. At the end of (my last game in) the tournament my rating was 1364. In fact the tournament is still open while two players finish their last game. They are on move #55 at the time I am typing this.

Other history I can pull from my Stats are that my first on-line game on started June 1, 2009 and ended June 8th, 2009. I went idle around Jan 26th, 2010 after 8 games with a ranking of 1347. I picked it up again in April 2014 to get my game back in shape before a visit with my cousin David in May 2014.

I am basically keeping 2 to 4 games going at once. There are five of us playing now at Fermilab. Greg is on top at 1729. I am at 1364 followed closely by Jason at 1352 (and he is winning our game in progress). Then there is Marc at 1166. I've play more games against Marc than anyone else. In my games against him I have 9 wins and 4 loses. I believe that he and I are much more evenly matched than these numbers would indicate. Paul just started on so his ranking is still undeterminded at this point.

I finished 32 online games in 2014. I have finished 20 games so far in 2015. My goal is to play more games this year than I did last year. I believe I am on a good pace for that.

So all in all, I am having great fun. Lately I have worked through lots of the Tactics "lessons". I look forward to my next 60 games.