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"Mellifluous Chess Music"

Oct 24, 2008, 3:30 AM 0

Here are a few bands,in my opinion accompany a good game of chess.The wrong music can derail your train of thought,being your biggest detractor.The right music,..well,. it can make you a champ! Starting off with,..Dead Can Dance,Segor Ros,Pusifer,Morphine,The Cure,Pink Floyd,Frankie goes to Hollywood,One Day as a Lion, Beautiful Creatures,A Perfect Circle,(tool) Suicide Silence,Guns'n'Roses,Primus,Mother Love Bone,the Doors,Dethklok,Heavan Shall Burn,Dirt Nasty,Jimi Hendrix,Suffocation,Halo of Locusts,Ween,old Deftones, Gorjira,Failure and so on,.Anyway if you rock out to something good,drop me a line.

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