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"They Were Right About You Though"

"They Were Right About You Though"

Oct 18, 2008, 2:49 PM 1

Well i gotta say i had chess all wrong.I use to hate my friends who played,always hunched over in the deepest of thought.My eyes were opened though its not a nerds game or something you do on family night.No.,no!Its frickin awesome! So i apologize again,.lol  To my bro's,Palmer,Ryan,Dustin,etc,..hehe! YOu know who you are. Im lovin it!!  P.S i need some advice from fellow chesser's..Would a "Theme-set",..say a political angle.Like The kings would be,.George Bush and Sadaam or Bin Laden.Does that sound intresting at all?Queens would be like Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin.But im still sure theres a better pick for that one,.and so on,.. Any ideas would be grately appreciated! Thanx

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