The Way Things Used To Be

Mar 2, 2018, 2:02 PM |

I miss the times when we were little
When we used to just mess about,
When we didn’t have a care in the world,
We’d play games, just scream and shout.


When getting high meant being on a swing,
We got hyper off sweets, pepsi and coke,
And nobody’s feelings ever got hurt
in someone’s attempt at making a joke.


When going to a party, you were cool if you won a game
not for sneaking in some drink,
I really dislike the way people act these days,
I wish they would just stop and think.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a little kid again,
When times were actually fun,
I wish I could stop the way my friends act,
though, sadly, I think the damage has already been done.