1763!!  My Highest Ever Tactics Trainer Rating!

1763!! My Highest Ever Tactics Trainer Rating!

Sep 19, 2017, 9:32 PM |

I love tactics trainer but sometimes I really overdo it.  Like I'll bump up 60 points and then keep going until I'm no longer actually capable of seeing anything because my brain is losing steam.  It's also a problem I have OTB.  

I wanted to document this memorable occasion with a screenshot and also stopping as I promised myself to do if I reached 1760 tonight.  

As a sidenote, it might be clinic related also but the finger I use to play blitz on my laptop touchscreen is really chafed and in pain because of too much blitz.  I purchased a mouse to relieve the strain on my index finger but it's not really that great for blitz.


And a game...