April 16 - A Strange but undramatic Sicilian.

Apr 18, 2017, 3:22 PM |

I was White.  I had eaten sufficiently.  My energy was kind of weird, a little checked out (I even played with sunglasses on for half the game, which I never do but didn't care).   

White has 2 inaccuracies, 1 mistake, and 1 blunder.  Black has only 1 mistake and 1 blunder.  White's best move was 55% and Black's best move was played 70%.  That's significant.  The average difference per move however is less informative.  White's average difference per move is .65, while Black is .61.  

More bizarre is that our respective blunders were both move 10.  Which adds credence that if you complicate matters, sometimes it puts the other person off kilter, perhaps?  White's Blunder is 10. Rd1.  Black's blunder is 10...Nxe4.

Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money. as I analyzed.