Atlantic Open 2017 at the Hilton!

Aug 26, 2017, 11:08 AM |

I just finished my first round and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Somehow I feel much better losing when I was never at all ahead in the game.  It's a Scandy so it's going to be quite illustrative for me.  I also very much liked my opponent, Matthew.  He was possibly the most polite and pleasant child I'd ever played against. 

I was here in D.C. almost a year ago and as I walk down the streets there are floods of memories.  Certain conversations I'd had near certain shops, passing certain buildings, the subway!  Initially it was surreal to be here but it's been pretty amazing.  It's also my first tournament in which I'm entirely alone without any romantic attachments with me.  So it's really my first "All Mine" tournament.  

 I'm partnered mixed doubles with GM Timur Gareyeev.  We went out last night with a friend of his after his first round game and boy is that guy as wild as he's rumored to be.  Quite a character.   And the hair!  

 I'm super excited about my Round 2.  I am pretty  happy that I didn't stay on location...I really love the 10 minute walk to and from the tournament.  The weather is gorgeous and not cold at all as it was last October.  I hope everyone in Texas remains safe tonight again!  

On to my analysis. (I must hurry as round 2 begins in less than an hour and I still have that 10 minute walk!)




I asked him after the game when he could sense that he was winning.  He said he wasn't sure but motioned near moves 17 to 20 and said  "somewhere around here".