Is there any Method to the Madness of Tactics Trainer Ratings?

Is there any Method to the Madness of Tactics Trainer Ratings?

Sep 26, 2017, 6:20 PM |

The title says it all.  I'm going to use this particular blog to begin collecting tactics whose ratings make no sense to me.  

I'll start with this 1398 problem with a 29.1% pass rate and 49K+ attempts.  We are White.  



I don't know how to put the tactics into the puzzle diagram thing without having to doctor it so the rest are going to be links to the tactic.


Tactic 2:

This one seems way below a 1948 problem.  The first move is so beyond natural.  And it has a 54.3% pass rate.  


 Tactic 3:


I've worked a lot on my bad habit of guessing into a tactic and it's improved my rating significantly...I like this tactic because when you calculate to a conclusion, it turns out there are several ways to handle the situation depending on which piece the opponent uses to block at first I thought my solution must be off...but then I realized - hey, everything works after this initial move (I almost never notice that in the tactical puzzles, though I should!)  Also, I think this is underrated for that reason...but I suppose I can see where most people would find the first move easily so this one is up in the air.  


Tactic 4:   

1938 rating and a 62% pass rate.  I think not.  


Tactic 5:

I said "beautiful" right after finding it but I still don't think this is difficult enough to be an 1862 problem.  And how does that happen with the 61.2% pass rate.  Does the pass rate involve something I dun't partially correct or previous versions of the problem...I don't get it.


Tactic 6:

Okay, how is this even a tactic?  And why in the world is it rated 1498?  And why in the world doesn't it have a 90% pass rate?