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London System

London System

Feb 26, 2017, 11:38 PM 2

This was game 3 of February Swiss.  Coincidentally I had just sat in on a lesson during which London System was discussed a bit so I was fresh off hearing some of the themes and weaknesses for Black. I tend to loathe when my opponent plays d4...not because I do poorly against it but more because the locked pawn structures exhaust me.  This went swimmingly though and the calculations mostly felt natural.  Feel free to flip the board to look from my perspective.  


Both my opponent and I played fairly well.  There were zero blunders in the game.  I made one mistake on move 40...Ng4, which should have been Qe2. He made 3 mistakes.  He played his best move 40% of the time.  I played best move 48%.  



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