My 3 Minute Blitzy Miniature!  And Merry Xmas.

My 3 Minute Blitzy Miniature! And Merry Xmas.

Dec 24, 2016, 5:48 PM |

Was just sitting outside on a balcony sipping red wine on Xmas day listening to Bjork as a friend was cleaning his place.  I’m entirely helpful that way.  Noticed the way the wind was beating a big tree’s wispy branches as cars swished past.  Such extreme brushy movement but so flexible. As I watched, I began to notice more details…the leaves weren’t monochromatic.  At times I could see a very pale green pattern within the dark lush vivid green.  Only during a certain wave of wind.  I can only assume they didn’t get as much love during the winter?  Is this what people notice and think about when they sit still in boring positions reflecting about life?  I could only wonder…and yet I already began analysis, as is my nature.  My mind can’t sit still.

So…are people who gravitate to chess more analytical by nature?  Or is that coincidental.