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My Favorite Weekend in a Long Time! Part 2: Sunday Edition

My Favorite Weekend in a Long Time! Part 2: Sunday Edition

Apr 14, 2017, 6:01 PM 0

I went into the chess club at our usual 6:25 pm.  As usual, Drew is late and yet still making his adorably endless small talk with different players/parents of players. Pairings are finally posted.  I'm playing a 1596...hmm...well, that takes pressure off actually.  Yesterday I had my highest win anyhow and my processing felt really much faster and had more clarity than usual, despite playing a lot less chess than usual.  I'm Black, which I'm comfortable with until he plays his first move...Nf3.  

Now here is where analysis gets a little interesting for me.  I admittedly tend to be quite obsessed with best moves.  I'd rather have a 90% best move ratio and lose from 2 mistakes than to win with a 60% best move percentage.   That's a little insight as to one of my favorite components of chess...but that's just one of them.  Everyone loves creative tactical sacrifices and a 5 move sequence that wouldn't easily be seen by most players.  I've only recently begun to crave positional advantages and previously almost took pride in identifying as "not a very positional player"...which is absurdly silly.  

In this game, I have 1 blunder at 24. Qa5 and it was a doozy. No mistakes or inaccuracies.  He has 1 blunder and 1 mistake only.  He played his best move 40% of the time.  I played my best move 71%.  Average difference per move for White was .91 and average for Black is .40  But that said, it was a very sharp game and he had winning chances. 

Queen's Pawn: Zukertort (transposed from the Reti)



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