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Scandinavian 2

Scandinavian 2

Jan 9, 2017, 7:32 AM 1

I was very pleased with this game for a multitude of reasons.  My mind was all over the place 9 am this morning and I cautioned myself to stay focused and calm.  And the Scandinavian is dear to me.  So there's all that.  My opponent had beat a 1358 the day before so I was not underestimating anything.  


Analysis says I played the best move 52.4% of the time, but the CAPS score is 93.08 for me and 81.05 for White.  I don't understand the CAPS quite perfectly yet but I believe it's a 100 point scaled measure of how good your moves are, even if they aren't the absolute best move.  93.08 doesn't sound bad at all.  


A very nice 3/2 Scandy by me:


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