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Shell AIM

May 24, 2010, 2:02 PM 0

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A day with Shell

If it comes from Shell, it must be good.

Shell did a wonderful project once again - dubbed as An Interaction with the Masters (AIM) - last May 22-23 at the Department of Education (DepEd) complex in Pasig City, an excellent warm-up activity for the launching of the 18th Shell National Active Chess Championships.

More than 200 kids, together with their parents, guardian, and coaches/trainers/teachers, trooped to DepEd last weekend to participate in the very special two-day (intermediate and advance) and one-day (beginner) experience of chess with the masters namely, International Arbiter Rolly Yutuc (beginner level), IM Idelfonso Datu (intermediate level), IM Oliver Dimakiling (Advance 1) and GM Jayson Gonzales (Advance 2).

Everything in the event was simply great - the food, the trainors, the venue, the freebies, handouts, even the smallest things from papers to ballpens - an excellent organizing skills indeed by Alex Dinoy, the organizer/director behind the project.

The best thing is: everything was for FREE.

I took with me 10 kids from my area in Pasay City, along with some of the kids' parents, to that wonderful day of chess activity.

It was indeed a learning day of chess experience, especially for my group of kids who all come from the urban poor sector.

An activity like that, I hope and pray, could be a source of inspiration and a door of opportunity for them.

Thanks to Shell for the privilege and the wonderful experience.




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