Annotations for improvement - Post #1

Sep 1, 2016, 8:10 AM |

I recently took part in a GM simul against GM Lalic Bogdan. 

I lost this game after hallucinating in the opening and blundering a pawn. Without further ado, here's the game:

Skills summary:

1) Calculation - I calculated a decent way to remove most pieces off the board to try and draw, but this game did no have much calculation in it.

2) Positional understanding - I understood that the bishop on g2 was a piece that had to be removed, following the idea that you should exchange off your opponents best pieces. However, my Bxc4 is a poor choice, as it throws away my one trump. Also, weakening myself with h6 was poor.

3) Tactics - there were no tactics that I could have played, nor any that he played vs me.

4) Time management - given that it was a simul, this is less of a factor than usual.

5) Opening knowledge - got a reasonable position, followed a main line.

6) Endgame play - the middlegame/endgame with the rook and bishop vs rook and bishop was poorly played. I weakened myself on the light squares and panicked rather than being calm and collected.

Key learning point: Be careful in opposite colour bishop positions - if you are being attacked, you could get mauled as your bishop can't really help.