Chicago Industrial Chess League

May 14, 2010, 5:14 PM |

Enjoy Team Chess Around Chicago!


The CICL organizes team-chess matches through out the greater
Chicago-area, in both the suburbs and downtown.

We have 52 years of experience, 300 players on 26 teams
(and growing), multiple geographic divisions to minimize travel,
and a spot for you.

CICL teams represent companies, government agencies, colleges, chess clubs, and other organizations.

What is the CICL? The Chicago Industrial Chess League organizes team-chess
matches between downtown Chicago and suburban companies, government agencies, colleges, chess clubs, and other organizations. The League has been in continual existence since 1957, with over 300 players playing on 26 teams -- and is growing. Team size is six players, but eight or more members per team is recommended to assure that a 6 person lineup is fielded for each match. We have multiple geographic divisions, and teams compete only within their division during the regular season. So long distance travel to matches is NOT required. The season begins in September and runs through April, and then the League Championship Playoffs are held in May. Also, we offer some individual tournaments each year, an outstanding monthly newsletter, website, and an awards banquet with GM lecture and blitz tournament.

Prizes and money? The CICL awards trophies (or gift certificates) to the top two
teams of each division, and to the top two teams competing in the Championship Playoffs. Outstanding individual players are also recognized. Each team pays dues each season which the League uses to buy trophies and to cover minimal operating expenses. There are no paid positions, the League's officers are strictly voluntary.

USCF membership and ratings?
Individuals receive a CICL rating based on their
results in CICL matches. The CICL ratings system uses a formula that is very similar to the USCF ratings system. We are proud to be a USCF and ICA affiliate, but neither USCF nor ICA membership is required for members to play in the CICL.

More about the matches: A schedule is developed for each division at the beginning of the season that typically includes 9 to 12 matches, followed by Championship Playoff matches for qualifying teams. Half the matches occur at a team's home site. Players are ordered by rating, so each team's best player is pitted against the opposing team's best player, second best against second best, etc. The time control is 45/90 then 30/60, one competitive match game is played per evening.

Will this interfere with usual chess club activities? No. CICL matches can be on a different night or even at a different playing site than normal club activities. Club organizers -- CICL team play is an additional offering to attract new members to your club.

Can I join the CICL? All chess-players are welcome. Each team has beginning chessplayers and many have masters. Members of a CICL team usually are members of the same organization. As half of the team's matches are "home", it is best to have a site to host the games. Contact us for ideas on how to find or form a team.

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Contact: Matt Vail at (630) 505-6557