The Durkin Attack or Just add Salt


Tonight I was looking at the opening explorer and was reminded about the chess player Bob Durkin that I read in an article written by FM Alex Dunne in May 2009 Chess Life. Yet, when I read the comments about this opening here on I was disappointed. "For dis open'n U need an idiot opponent...." was the worst of them but most of them showed a lack of ingenuity and a sense of irony.

Bob Durkin made this opening (in)famous. In fact he played it so much and such success with it that he signed his pamphlets with Bob “N-QR3” Durkin. And yet he repudiated his opening. He stopped playing it, claiming it was just an aberration. But he soon discovered he wasn’t doing as well as before, and so he went back to 1. N-QR3. (some call it the Sodium Opening, in algebraic Na3). Bob was no slouch at his highest he was a masters rating of 2200+ and defeated quite a few opponents with his opening.

So while my instructors might not suggest this opening it is worth studying as a possible surprise attack and perhaps you will be the one putting "Salt" in your opponents wound.