Enterprise vs Pawns

Nov 24, 2009, 10:25 PM |

Tonight we had our match against the Oaklawn Pawns. The team pitched in to get the place ready for the match. Hard work paid off, at least in the construction department. We had a strong team with the top two boards rated over 2100 and yet some how we ended the night with a loss with only two wins on boards 5 and 6. The other boards fought well but it was just not the night for us. There were so many players and spectators that we had many games going on in the parlor. I will be posting the games from the match later. Once again thank you for everybody, especially Ibn, who helped out.


1. CAVENEY,J         2153USCF       0-1     HOLLAWAY,M    1780USCF
2. KOVALSKY,B      2156USCF ?     0-1     CHRISTIAN,T      1482CICL
3. BLACKMAN,W     1899USCF       0-1     KUKURUZA,V      1665/P
4. ADAMS,L             1399USCF       0-1     FABIJONAS,R     1485CICL
5. GILVARY,P          1131/P            1-0     O'DELL,D             1364CICL
6. RAIMONDE,A       1183/P            1-0     SINOPLE,J            829CICL
BIGE                          2                            PAWNS               4
P ratings are PROVISIONAL USCF ratings