First Tournament a Success

Jul 26, 2009, 11:27 AM |

Well yesterday was a success! The Midway Chess Club had its first tournament and it went well. It was my first promotion event ever and we had a few issues such as; place not being open early enough and I booked two TD's (a serious blunder) and the tables were not ready. But, after the bumpy start it all worked out.

The clear winner was Matthew Wilber with a 4.0 score. Second place was a six way tie with the players having a score of 3.0. Third place had a eight way tie with the score of 2.0. Fourth place had a three way tie with a 1.5 score (I was in this group).

First Place received the DGT 960 folding clock. While, second and third each received an EndGame t-shirt. We also had a drawing for a $10 gift certificate from "A Place For Us"

Winners of Tourney

Our next tournament will be on Aug 15th so please come on out and play.