Irish Pawn Formations

Mar 28, 2009, 5:38 PM |

In my research for folklore of the Faeries of Ireland and Chess I stumbled across two pawn formations that have Irish names.

There are arguments in both academic and ecclesiastical circles as to whether this pawn formation is due to Ireland being a Roman Catholic country, where the Holy Trinity is a pillar of Christian belief – perhaps due to the formation resembling a pillar comprised of a trinity of pawns.

The first one is the Irish Pawn Formation. It consists of three pawns on one file.


I looked in the Megabase and found 566 games that used the IPF on the "E" file. The two below are by GM. Alekhine.









The second one, supposedly the Irish school of Chess is working on an opening using this structure, is called "The Shamrock."

For this position, centering on the "E" file I found 335 games. Below is one from GM Capablanca.

As I come across more items on this I will be adding to my blog.