July 25th Tournament Results

July 25th Tournament Results

Jul 26, 2010, 6:38 PM |

This weekend was the first of what we hope to be start of a monthly chess event at the University Golf Club. As usual it had its first tournament issues, late start on the second round, forgotten powercord, confusion on the food and such but overall it went pretty smooth. Some of the things that went right were the pairings up on a big screen so that they were easy to see. In the future board one games and results will be broadcast live on the internet. The food was ordered after round one and was ready on time after round two. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and beverages. I know that my Shrimp Po-Boy was fantastic!

Once we got underway everything settled down and the match ended up with Douglas Middleton with a score of 3.0 and a four-way tie for 2nd with Cima, Reed, Jackson and Armistead all having 2 points each.

We decided to have a sudden death G/5 match to decide the match. Joe Cima played Will Jackson and Joe came out on top, then Angelo Armistead played Lawrence Reed (Quincy) with Angelo winning that match. Just like the World Cup we had semi-finals and finals with Cima vs Armistead playing for 2nd and 3rd place, while Reed and Jackson vied for 4th. When the pawns settled we had the following results.

1st Place and winner of the $180 value Round of Golf was Douglas Middleton with a perfect 3.0 score.

2nd Place and winner of a $50 gift certificate for gourmet food at the Club was Joe Cima

3rd Place and winner of a $35 golf shirt from University Golf Club was Angelo Armistead

4th Place and winner of a $15 2010 Chess Calendar was William Jackson.

The biggest upset of the match was William Jackson over Joe Cima an excellent match played by Jackson against an opponent 600+ points higher. Congratulations to Mr. Jackson for his great effort.

Not to forget the last place contestant George Polovich he was awarded a book to help improve his game. Mr. Polovich returned to chess just last Sunday after a nearly 50 year layoff. Great to have you back in the game and I am sure his form will improve.

We would also like to thank Greg Evans, Restaurant and Events Manager, of University Golf Club for hosting this event and providing the prizes and helping clean up.

----------Full Results below----------------

No.    Name                         St Rate 1     2     3     Score

1. Middleton, Douglas (1)........  IL 1971 W10   W6    W3      3.0

2. Cima, Joe (2).................  IL 1906 L5    W4    W6      2.0
3. Armistead, Angelo (3).........  IL 1820 W7    W5    L1      2.0
4. Reed, lawrence Qui (5)........  IL 1321 W11   L2    W7      2.0
5. Jackson, William (7)..........  IL 1272 W2    L3    W10     2.0

6. lewis, richard (4)............  IL 1322 W9    L1    L2      1.0
7. russo, Steve Antho (8)........  IL 1090 L3    W11   L4      1.0
8. shehaniv, William (9).........  IL  942 -N-   W10   -N-     1.0
9. pillarella, Mia An (10).......  IL  437 L6    -N-   W11     1.0

10. raimonde, Angelo (6)..........  IL 1277 L1    L8    L5      0.0
11. Polovich, George (11).........  IL nnnn L4    L7    L9      0.0