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Midway Enterprise vs BP-Molex

Midway Enterprise vs BP-Molex

Sep 29, 2009, 3:52 PM 0

Hello all,

I want to invite you all out to watch the Midway Chess Club’s team “Enterprise” play in the first match of the season against BP-Molex. We have two teams three teams that play out of Midway. The Enterprise, the Hornet and the Yorktown. For you history buffs you will recognize the names of the Midway Carrier group under Admiral Halsey that fought in the WWII battle for Midway in the Pacific. Since we are located in Midway Chess Club we thought it was fitting for our Chicago Industrial Chess League teams. One of our teams is the second team of the Oaklawn Pawns under the direction of NM Len Weber.

While the matches are going on you are welcome to play against others or watch the games. I hope to see you there!


William Shehan
President Midway Chess Club

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