New addition to Chess set Collection

Jan 11, 2010, 3:33 PM |

Hello my Chess Friends,

I have a dream, a dream of opening the Illinois Chess Museum. So far I have the idea and a few dozen sets of my own. This morning I checked craigslist for any chess items, as I do daily, and found a full 32 piece Avon set from the 70's and 80's
Here is a little of the history of these pieces: Avon Products, Inc. sold these men’s colognes in a select group of opposing chess pieces. Plastic figural tops cover the lids of the simple bottles, creating the chess characters. The Wheaton Glass Company made the glass bottles for the Avon chess pieces.

So, I made a call and found that they were still available. I jumped in the car with my daughter, Ava, and headed to Elk Grove IL. The drive was worth it! I was happy to find the set in excellent condition and the price right!

After returning home with the set the whole family worked to clean the bottles, boxes, and figurines. The attached pictures are the set as a work in progress.

The final picture is the set on one of my tables in it's full glory!