New Years Chess Goals

New Years Chess Goals

Dec 31, 2009, 10:29 PM |

My Friend Patrik started a blog about chess goals.

New Year’s Chess Resolution

The Guru hereby invites all fellow chess improvers to join the New Years Chess Resolution Movement! I strongly believe in simplicity, goals and peer pressure. I kindly invite blogging chess improvers to do the following:

  • State a Long Term Chess Goal (possibly linked to a suitable number of short term goals)
  • State a Chess Promise
  • Defining a penalty for failing the chess promise

Thank you for the idea Patrick. Below are my goals as posted on his Blog.

My Chess Goals for 2010:

*Seriously study endgame and win at least on CICL match this year.

*Five times per week:
-Study: 30 minutes daily
-Play: 40 minutes daily
*Keep Public Study/Play Log
*Play 3 Standard Time Control games per week minimum

Give away one of my favorite chess sets.