Remember the Reason for Independence Day

Jul 3, 2009, 7:52 PM |

On July 4th we here in the States celebrate our independence. But, it seems that most everyone forgets what that means. The fireworks represent the shots of war! Each explosion that you hear should remind you that people died, not just in America, to form a "more perfect Union" and on this day while we enjoy the fireworks we should Honor their sacrifice!

Unfortunately most people forget why we celebrate/

For example, here in Chicago people spend hundreds of dollars per household on fireworks. What I find odd is that in this economy people spend so much money - fireworks are a million dollar industry - and yet Veterans account for nearly 25% of America's homeless!

Imagine what could be done if instead of "blowing up" money the people went to their local VA or Congressperson and donated this money, even just taking the time to volunteer one day out of the year would make a difference. So this year remember your Veteran and how they gave you independence.

Here are a few links in case you want to get involved.

Veterans Administration Voluntary Service

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

National Veterans Foundation