Visual Chess Poem

Visual Chess Poem

Jan 8, 2009, 9:39 AM |

I came across the following ‘visual poem’ by Mark Young. Mr Young is a New Zealander who has lived most of his life in Australia, and earns his living as a poet.  As a visual poet, he brings a vibrant literary sense to the text as visual object. He has arrayed phrases and individual words upon a field that takes the form of a traditional chess set. When I saw this I wanted to see what would come out of applying different openings to it. So I applied the following openings to the board.

Scotch Opening
1. Symmetry, Blind
2. Cargo Pants, Handbag
3. Cohort

French Defense
1. Symmetry, Portray
2. Mention, Ephemeral
3. Blind

What poem does your favorite opening say?