What Can or Cannot Mate vs. Lone King

Feb 18, 2010, 3:51 PM |

In my New Year's Goals I set about studying the Endgame. So far I am still living up to my goals and have seen some improvement. Before I give the possiblities I would like to pass along the following story.

Not sure where I found this so I cannot give credit.

"Many years ago, I was directing a scholastic tourney of 8 yr olds..Now kids playing notoriously fast, but one board in particular was maelstrom of pieces so, curious, I walked over to observe..y the time I got there, one of the players had K+Q and his oppo had a bare K...Thinking to myself that it would not be long in ending, I went about my business..Some minutes later, I notice they were still playing and returned to watch...The fella with the Queen apparently had forgotten(or did not know) that he required his K in support to effect mate..I watched fascinated for quite a few moves until, finally, the fella with the Queen said to his oppo, "Guess it is a draw, huh?" The oppo nodded and off they went. chatting happily, to record their first tourney draw."

That said, here are the endings you should know.

Can your King win against the lone King?
Queen Can
Two Rooks Can
Rook Can
Two Bishops Can
Bishop and Knight Can
Pawn Cannot (unless Promoted)
Bishop Cannot
Knight Cannot
Two Knights Cannot