A real sacrifice.


Ok, if you read my last blog you know I find odd things, have a sense of humor and love word-play though if you didn't, you do now.

Well, today when cooking breakfast I pulled out a carton of eggs and was astounded by what I read. I see the news and know that PETA complained about President Obama killing a fly, Green Peace harrassing the Japanese fishing fleet and when I go to the Opera people protesting furs, but, some Vegetarians have gone to far. I mean would you give your life to be chicken feed?

I looked on the side of the carton and it stated "Our hens are fed an all Vegetarian diet." I am not sure how many Vegans it takes to feed a hen but I bet would be interesting to know. Does it hurt? Do the Vegans get a last meal, if so what is it? Do the hens prefer Vegans over normal feed? So many questions.

Well for my part I will eat my eggs and know that someone did what they felt was right. ;) Does that makes me a cannibal? Now I wonder are eggs the new Soylent Green?


-No Vegetarians were harmed in the writing of this blog, but a few eggs did get cracked to make my omelet and yes I know what it really means but it was still funny way of wording it.