King's Gambit Part II

Welcome everyone for Part II of the King's Gambit series!  In case you haven't seen Part I, you can get to it by following this link if you wish!

 A note to readers: This series on the King's Gambit is intended to provide an overview of the opening and a glimpse into the exciting and artisitc positions of the opening.  If you're interested in the dense theory of every variation, feel free to check out chesspub or contribute some independent analysis! Smile

Anyways, this next game was played by GM Alexei Shirov, a very talented tactician and a part-time practitioner of the King's Gambit.  In this game, he sacrifices two pieces and two three pawns on his way to a stunning and beautiful rout of his opponent.  Full annotations are provided.


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    nice game.

  • 4 years ago


    Good article, but i will say that you forgot to mention that after 3. ...g5 the most practiced reply is 4. h4, the Paris attack, which leads to the Kieseritzky gambit, 4. ...g4 Ne5, as well as the traditional Muzio Gambit, 4. ...g4 5. Nc3, and most other variations which have been explored as well.

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    Very good and enligthening serie indeed, with clear and numerous comments, thanks KillaBeez ! I'm eager to see the next parts of King's Gambit.

  • 4 years ago


    Great series! I love this opening and had some pretty thrilling victories with it. In this game I dropped 3 pawns and it's very common in this line, one of my favorite lines in the King's Gambit. 

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    Excellent Crazy Muzio Gambit!

  • 4 years ago


    Nice play by Shirov!

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    Cool game!

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