Tactical Uprising

Aug 10, 2008, 7:20 PM |

I was a positional player by nature.  I would try to win by tiny positional advantages.  But I became bored with chess.  It wasn't quite so fun anymore.  I began stalling in many games, simply tired and burnt out of making moves on correspondence chess.  That is until I found the fun in chess. 

Tactics are a wonderful way to have fun in chess.  It gives me great pleasure to beat somebody with a speculative sacrifice or a vicious attack.  I know I wrote about turning from tactical to positional.  Well, that time has changed once again.  I have explored the Muzio Gambit a bunch recently and found that I really enjoy the attack that I get.  It is not an easy one to refute either if not downright impossible.  I have played the Muzio well against strong and weak opponents and have great success.  I find that my tactics are getting much better and now I am coming back to fun chess.  I also joined a tournament where I try to lose.  I find it very relaxing and I try to force checkmate on myself.  I just hate it when I accidentally checkmate somebody :).

So I am coming back to tactical chess and combining it with my positional background as I carry on towards my goal of becoming an IM.