No time for Homecoming or Chess.

Oct 16, 2010, 4:05 PM |

That's two games lost on time so far. I should just put a game up that will take longer. But even then, it will not fix my crazy week. Chess Team had started on Thursday, and even though my coach has said there is no stress right now, seeing all of the people who have graduated or quit because they are burned out or graduating frightens me, to be rather honest.

As far as our competitive team goes, there's maybe seven of us that are left from all of those who did not face graduation. Our first board is still as strong as ever, and all of us already have made solid bets for our new 2nd, since the two who are not returning were our 2nd and 3rd boards. As for the next few, it's fair game.

I guess it's time to rely on new blood to help us make our usually great team just as good as it's always been. Maybe once all of this "Homecoming" madness is over and done with, I can start to put my focus into Chess again, like I was able to last year.