End of the week Endgames: Two important factors and Thinking outline

Jun 5, 2015, 12:36 PM |

Good Afternoon everyone,
It is Friday, which means it is time for end of the week endgames. Today our lesson will be a two part lesson as an intro to our deeper lessons the coming weeks. We will be learning about two important factors in the endgame and the general outline of our endgame thinking process.

Two very important factors in the endgame are king activity and pawns. The king belongs in the center and/or around pawns in the endgame. With so few pieces on the board during this stage of a chess game the fear of being checkmated is less which allows the king to move forward. The other important factor in an endgame is pawns, since they can promote. All of the weaknesses, like being isolated or doubled, also get increased in the endgame as does the strengths, like being passed.

The weaknesses and strengths of pawns now brings us to our thinking outline for the endgame. During the endgame our thinking process will be two pronged: 1) Come up with a plan and 2) Come up with a way to implement that plan. When coming up with a plan we will focus on the pawns. Our plan will be based on our pawn strengths and the weaknesses of our opponents pawns. Once we have a plan based off of the pawns we will come up with a way to bring that plan to fruition. This part of the process will be about where to put our pieces and and make everything work together.

The two important factors of an endgame and the thought process presented above may seem very simple and possibly vague, however we will be going over everything in more detail with examples in the coming weeks on Fridays. This lesson was an introduction into what to keep in mind during an endgame and what we will be learning.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the two important factors of an endgame and a basic endgame thinking process. Keep on studying, playing games and trying to uncover the secrets of the wonderful game of chess.