Thinking Tuesday: Two most important Chess Principles

Jun 2, 2015, 10:32 AM |

Good Morning on this Thinking Tuesday (where we learn how and what to think during a game),

Our lesson today is about the most important aspects of a chess game. By learning these two principles you will be able to find better moves and evaluate positions easier. The two principles to keep in mind are: 1) Material and 2) Activity.

Material is very simple to understand, it is the amount of pieces you have. The person with the most pieces has an advantage. To increase your material you should take pieces when you can, after quick calculation of course.

Activity is a little more difficult, but still simple. Activity can be measured by how many squares your pieces control. To increase activity you should put your pieces in and around the center.

Try to remember these two principles in your games and it should help you find the best moves and improve your play. Next week we will go over an exact thinking process that will help you find the best moves based off of these two principles.