1 Fantastic Chess.com Year

1 Fantastic Chess.com Year

May 25, 2014, 8:52 AM |

Dear friends and viewers,

My 1st year on chess.com has been such a unique experince I can't rightly describe it. The amount of fun, learning, and friends has been overwhelming! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I joined this site:

It started in May 3rd of 2013. I was at my friend's house (Lkknight or Luke) and we were having fun and I saw him playing chess and was curious so I asked him what he was playing on and he told me about this fun chess site called chess.com. I joined with the idea to hack him. (what a great friend I am :D) I tried a few times and failed so I decided to leave chess.com and close my account (my old username was kingdoms1228) However, there was this thing deep inside me that told me to leave with a respectable rating. My rating at the time was like 800 and I was such a idiot when playing :D I'd make blunders and such and one time nearly destroyed my comptuer. I wasn't really ever a fan of chess, but before I quit I studyied an opening called the Queen's gambit and started to win! I was surprised at how many wins this simple widly spread opening could help me with. My rating went into the early 900's so I was still pretty down...But then I found an opening which I've mastered. The stonewall attack! I played this and won 90% of the time and my rating went straight to the 1000's! I got so excited and started learning chess and that's how I was hooked. By a friend and by a selfish desire Innocent lol. I can't really tell you my entire year in a blog so I'll mention some highlights that were sprinkled throughout: 

1. I created a group with my friend and had fun although I'm going to close it soon. :D

2. I've met The_Big_Decline which is worth alot to me.

3. I've played too many chess games and had loads of fun with trophies and such.

4. I've met some very cool people from around the world which inspired me to memorize the entire world and learn about different cultures. (I did) 

5. Have learned lots of openings, tactics, and brain workouts that are fun and educational.

6. I've had the honor of making friends to all in my friends list (too many to post here) 

That's about it for highlights, now for more information on myself: I live in a fairly suberb town called Newbury Park where it's cool and lovely with my amazing older sister and parents. I have 2 cats and a bunny and enjoy being outdoors. I am involved with homeschooling, Speech, Mocktrial, and many other educational activities. (schooling outside of the house but most work done at the house) I have yet to post a picture of myself for personal reasons but want to make clear that I'm a guy! Yell (I've opened some very gross mail before :P) I'm 14 and moving to 9th grade and owe my life to God as I died almost twice when I was a baby. That instant was called a Sudden Infant Death Sydrome or Sids for short. For those of you who wish to know what I believe in or think I'm brainwashed; I'm a Christian and believe in God and that He made the world we live in and all of creation along with His son dying and so much more. I wish to uphold my views and would invite anyone to share a intellagent debate! for those who wonder who The_Big_Decline is; he was a friend who I laughed and smiled at when we talked on here and we debated the existance of God, however we lost contact so I lost a friend...Anyways, hopefully you've enjoyed getting to or knowing me and understand a few things with me:

I rarely accept friend requests and group invites, the first being that I have to have some sort of connection to knowing you or why would I friend you? The 2nd being I want to stay loyal to a few groups rather then 200+ Smile I love Kingdom Hearts and the game, music, and everything about it ;D 

If you have any questions, debates, or anything: MESSAGE ME   Thanks for reading and I hope to update my blog with fun Online chess games I played.              Have a blessed Sunday, -KH