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Friends will always be in my heart.

Friends will always be in my heart.

Mar 17, 2014, 9:06 PM 5

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun."                   Charles R. Swindoll

I've been through a long journey with chess so far and I've learned many things like openings, tactics, and strong moves. I’ve seen countless games and have played even more. I’ve learned that there is always something to be learned or something to change. I feel like I can never change sometimes but in the end I see that I can through motivation and help. The biggest thing that chess has taught me above *all* else is: FRIENDSHIP. I don’t think I could have met some of the most fascinating and unique people on here anywhere else.

I’ve made a friend across the country (The_Big_Decline) and have been emailing and sending letters learning about him and his truly capturing story. I’ve met people like Matthew who works on here as if it were his job. His continuing friendship is a blessing and something to treasure forever. People like Billion_Tactics_Boy, Kikyo_Sushi, White_Fang, and Wolf_Leader have use their gifts of time, effort, and kindness to make groups that make chess.com shine. They truly put in effort into every single thing they do on here. I’ve met people like Mighty_Jack and Astra who have shared a bit of their regular life and have shown me how personal a friend is. There are so many other people I’ve met on here including a few I haven’t mentioned that have shown there kindness to me in a unique way that keeps me glued here.

However, the top 2 out of 3 amazing people I’ve met here have shown me what friendship is. They’ve shown me things that make me laugh, smile, and thank God for. They are a blessing beyond comprehension. The three are; lkknight, Zandeligh, and The_Big_Decline, Lkknight is my friend beyond the computer and I am so grateful for him that words cannot ever describe. He’s shown me how to be a friend through his godly example, funny personality, and teaching times. Zandeligh is funny, zany, and someone who makes you laugh whenever and wherever. Laughing is something some people can’t do and something that’s priceless. She’s funny and kind and a perfect example of the word “smile”. Last but certainly not least is The_Big_Decline who left this site because of the ads and hasn’t returned yet. He’s been so kind, easy going, and personal. I’ve yet to meet him in real life but maybe someday I will.


If you weren’t mentioned don’t fret. I’ve met many unique people and as I get older (14) and up my memory starts to fail. XD Anyways I hope you’ve been touched and will continue your love of chess and it’s social connection to civilization. Thank you for your friendship and it’s gift to me. I couldn’t ask for much of anything more than that. And remember don’t have a good day have a GREAT day! -KH

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