Golden Gambits, Queen's Gambit Part 1

Golden Gambits, Queen's Gambit Part 1

Sep 11, 2014, 9:11 AM |

Hello friends, viewers, and opponents to my first blog on the new series Golden Gambits! Today we will be going over the well known Queen's Gambit and going through it extensively in two parts of the Accepted and the Declined. Today we'll be looking at the Queen's Gambit Accepted. 

Out of the many games I've played with the Queen's Gambit I love c5 as my reply to e3, but you can reply with the many as you saw in the game above. Most opponents I face prefer e6 which is great, but I will always play c5 against the accepted line. In the Queen's Gambit accepted you should always develop your pieces, castle, and connect the rooks like any opening and then wait to see what your opponent is going to do if you're black or try for an attack as white. 

To recap the replies that we saw after the moves d4, d5, c4, dxc4, e3:

  • C5 attacking white's D pawn and then develop pieces.
  • E6, Black puts his toe in the center and slowly develops.
  • Nf6, preparing for the d5 move at some point.

There are many other moves that you can find that will try and confuse you but these are the common ones and the ones you'll see the most. When in doubt about a move look at why black would play it and then decide a course of action. Thanks for reading and here's a video on the Queen's Gambit, -Kingdom_Hearts



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