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Golden Gambits, Queen's Gambit Part 2

Golden Gambits, Queen's Gambit Part 2

Sep 14, 2014, 3:18 PM 0

Hello friends, opponents, and viewers to another blog on the Queen's Gambit, this time we'll be going through the declined variation going over the e6 reply after c4. After we finish we'll decide if this Gambit's golden, or not. 











The idea from here for black is simple, develop your knights before your bishops, fianchetto your White bishop on b7 by playing b6. Get your Black bishop to d6 and castle kingside moving your queen last. You will want to connect the rooks and move them to the D and C files. This is the easy simple, and a great way for beginners to decline the Queen's Gambit. If the c pawn captures right after e6, just take with the e pawn and do everything above. This is a very clear opening that should help you with your game against the Queen's Gambit, if you still aren't happy after this opening, try the Slav defense. This opening is a Golden Gambit because White will have an easy time in the accepted and in the declined with the annoying c pawn always keeping an eye. Hope you play this opening on both sides to decide for yourself if it's golden or not, but don't judge this opening by one game, play at least 10 for a true test! :-)

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions please comment below, please note that I may not always post on time as school is starting tomorrow so things will be slightly different, but I hope to continue the blogs and make sure to come back for the next blog on the Evan's Gambit. Thank you for reading and make sure to join The Learning Library, -Kingdom_Hearts

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