Playing All the Marks

Aug 15, 2014, 7:57 PM |

Hello everyone,

Playing Chess is fun and exciting and usually it's just a game, but for me I like to talk with my opponent if he/she replies as well. Sometimes it's a simple "Hi" or other times it goes deeper into "what's it like living in (country here) Then I'll be able to learn a bit about them and their life. I've met lots of cool people and if I were to name them all I this blog would be pages long Wink However I met recently the Marks Family here on I learned that all of them play chess and I thought that was just so cool since there's so few of familes who actually play chess online. So I decided to play each of them to see how different or similar their gameplay preforms. It was really cool to meet each one of them and for your benifit I'll have their usernames compiled at the end of this blog for you to challenge and meet them. Let's start out with the girls then,



Now I challenged the mom of the Marks family but she didn't move so the game never moved on from move 1, her rating is 975 and it seems she's a bit inactive. 4/7 Now it's time for the Men of the Marks family!



Those are the games, and they were all fun! Hope you enjoyed this blog and make sure to comment on what opening I played against Sabine. Oh and I will be posting blogs either every week or every time I recieve 250 views. Check back offten!