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Round 1 25th Chess.com Knockouts Repcap

Round 1 25th Chess.com Knockouts Repcap

Jul 16, 2014, 7:42 PM 1

Hey friends, opponent's, and viewers! 

Here are my games in round 1 of the 25th Chess.com tournament. I was rated 1357 and the rating range for the tournament; 1201-1400. The tournament's deatails include 490 starting players! 24 Hours per move, with a group of 6 players with only 1 advancing. (Tiebreaks allowed) Enjoy and please provide feedback in the comments.






I stopped here because my final opponent lost by timeout and the games played were loss without the time-out. This opponent, made me mad in many ways so I wish not to show you the games, in the end I won my group through the tie breaks and barely because of the tie breaks. This round was simple and yet difficult but I did reach one goal which was to break 1400, I'm now currently (with the help of matches) 1412. I hope Round 2 will give me some insight and I hope to honor God with those games played, I'll see you soon my 2nd blog of Round 2! Thanks and if you have any feedback, please comment below! Thanks for reading, -Kingdom_Hearts

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