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Jan 22, 2015, 3:07 AM 6

Well it's 3am and I got a burning question. I feel like sleep gets in the way of specific tasks that we could do during the night. I like working in the night because there is not a soul alive and the house is very quiet. Now I understand sleep is very important and such but how strong is the will to sleep and what would you put in front of sleep? Grades, ideas, games? I feel like the will to be awake is greater than to sleep for me, but I know that 99.9% of teenagers disagree unless it's a exam they haven't studied for.(You know you've been there) While I'm a great student I think that sleep isn't entirely important for how long we sleep and think that a lot of other things are more important than sleep. What are your thoughts? How much do you value sleep? What would you put in it's place? Well I'll be going to bed now as I had this question thought out and hope I'll wake up with an answer to my madness. Good night! -KH

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