Tips and Tricks I learned to Improve Chess

Tips and Tricks I learned to Improve Chess

Aug 18, 2014, 11:05 AM |

Many of you have wondered: "Why is Kingdom_Heart's rating increase and how did he do a rating jump"? Well recently I've been reading tons and tons of Chess books and found some useful advice that really helped me and so I wante to share with you guys some tips and tricks to get your rating to the next level.

Most of the tactics in here are used in the middle game, "why is that"? Because that's were I struggle the most, if I can get to an even endgame I can win other than that I'm fried in the middle usually. Until now! (Dramatic Voice here) 

After reading and reading I found 3 things that helped and one that was the reason to my rating moving up! Let's discover all three and then I want you to use them in your Chess:

The first answer to my rating going up was something I never had thought before untill I read some books about Chess. It was to look at your position and then look at your opponent's position and decide what the weaknesses are and how to attack them. This seems so easy but in reality I was shocked about how much it worked. I was able to use this in every game and it helped me plan out every single game from the move 6. I don't have a fear anymore of the middle game thanks to that special rule!

The 2nd reason I believe my rating was moving up was the fact that I took more time then usual to look at moves and "candidate" ideas. I spent lots and lots of time looking at every single move and tried the best I could to discover the best move. 

Finally the simple straight-forward tip: Tactics. I mean everyone says that but it wasn't till I tried my first tip that this tip was turned on. Instead of me playing out the moves, let's see you try to become a 1500! Spend time looking at the position and then try your best:

Hope you enjoyed those tactics and enjoyed these helpful hints!
Questions or comments, please comment below! -KH