Understand Chess Openings, Fried Liver Attack

Understand Chess Openings, Fried Liver Attack

Sep 5, 2014, 3:26 PM |

Hello friends, opponents, and viewers to another blog on the series "Understand Chess Openings" This time we'll be going over one of my favorite openings that comes from the Italian game and two knights defense. 

If you get into the mindset of attacking you'll be wonderful at this opening, now let's go into some of the replies black can make to avoid this wonderful attack.








That's one way of stopping the Fried Liver Attack, it's easy simple and requires no theory or skill. (It's also a boring move) Let's look at some anti Fried Liver Attacks that aren't so dull. 








Now this is much sharper and what many masters prefer. But there's one more variation you'll want to see that shows lots of "fireworks" 








As you have seen we've gone over the 3 most popular anti variations:

  • H6, dull but requires little to no theory.
  • Na5, simple skillful reply that's fun to unleash.
  • B5, fun exciting and gives lots of "fireworks"

Hopefully you'll now start playing the Fried Liver and know some of the replies that your opponents will play. If you do play the mainline be sure to use all that you've learned from this blog. Now I leave you with some questions to make this blog even more helpful to fellow beginners and viewers alike. What opening do you want to see in the following blogs and do games or diagrams help more? Thanks for reading and I hope you follow every single blog with the following image below, -Kingdom_Hearts