What I've learned in my 2nd year of Chess

May 23, 2015, 12:53 AM |

Well it seems like ages since I did anything productive with chess. I've been busy since day 1 of school between classes, work, and extra honor role type classes. I have however learned alot between May of 2014 and May of 2015. Here is a complete update:

In the summer of 2014 I grew rapidly in chess, going from a mere 1300 player in the beginning of Augest to soaring up to 1700's!!! I grew from the opponents in a specific tournament, the chess.com tournament(s)! It was a blast to see all that I had aqquired put to great use. But sadly when September came, the last game before finals of the 500+ tournament, someone cheated, I lost and everything that I had worked for over a few months. Vanished into thin air.

That's when I started having second thoughts about chess, and still do. I learned that cheaters in online chess ruin honest players and the fact that I came 1 place away from the 3rd place title, frustrates me.

During the fall of 2014 and winter, I had less and less time. While I do run a chess club, I didn't have the urge to continue. I decided that chess, played for fun and not a constant win-win mindset makes Chess the game it is, fun! So I've decided to give up Chess for learning. But I have had fun playing classmates and working on my current style. 

As of now Jan-June, I am working on finals, summer is 2 weeks away and the freedom of school and the comfort of good grades awaits. One might ask, Mr Hearts, what will you do instead of Chess and why are you here?

I must reply as the following, I'll stay here for the reason I stayed last year, the people. The people of chess.com (excluding the few that are trolls) are very sweet and love to spart conversation. That's why I will always be in and around the forums, keeping my eye out ;) 

As for a replacement, there is this MMO Game called Tanki Online which I find quite appealing and very enjoyable. That's what is happening, and will for awhile. Hopefully you've enjoyed the games of chess with me, and if you want more. I'm always up for a causal game of chess. :) -KH