NBA Predictions

Dec 5, 2010, 12:02 PM |

I was wondering what yall thought on this years NBA season. I think it will be very entertaining as the Lakers are going for a threepeat and the Heat have really struggled starting the season.

The Heat will make the playoffs but will be knocked out by a team with more depth and size.  My Spurs are off to a really hot start but I think they are just to old and will fade by the end of the season.  The Mavericks are also doing well, I predict them to have a really good record in the regular season but will choke AGAIN in the playoffs.  I think there are only two great teams in the NBA this year, the Celtics and the Lakers.  So naturally thats who I pick to go to the finals.  The Lakers look great but with the pickup of Shaquile O'neal, and the improvement of Rajon Rondo I think the Celtics will win the title.

Also on another note I think it was okay for Lebron to leave the Cavs. I mean in the seven years he was there that owner got him Jamario Moon and Antwan Jamison lol. Now look at the cavs since he left they are terrible.

So thats my opinion on things. If you have one leave a comment or question; but keep it clean and be NICE.