SPICE Cup Report Round 4!

Oct 31, 2010, 11:12 PM |

Hello again, I am back to report on round 4 of the SPICE Cup.  For today's round, IM Daniel Rensch was dressed as a Mexican chess immigrant from Arizona!  This provided alot of fun Halloween spirit to the day.  Also, Senor Rensch won his first game of the tourney against GM Ben Finegold.

FM Darwin Yang is on fire after today's win against IM Irina Krush.  He now has two straight wins.  IM Bryan Smith gave GM Gergely Antal his first loss of the SPICE Cup with a very sharp attack after sacrificing the exchange!  GM Andre Diamant drew GM Davorin Kuljasevic in a very controlled game, and GM Anatoly Bykhovsky (the new leader in the B-group) drew IM Dean Ippolito.

For the A-group, GM Eugene Perelshteyn and GM Ray Robson drew their game while GM Alexander Onischuk and GM Zoltan Almasi also had a draw.  In a very tough game, GM Wesley So lost his match with GM Georg Meier in a 2 rooks and a pawn vs a queen and 3 pawns endgame.  For some great pictures from Chessdailynews.com look below.


GM Ben Finegold vs Senor Danny Rensch

A nice photo of IM Irina Krush

The very powerful GM Zoltan Almasi looking calm, cool, and collected

Danny's new look! ;)

Tommy Polgar about to put the scare on IM Dean Ippolito and GM Anatoly Bykhovsky

Postgame analysis