SPICE Cup round 2 report!

Oct 29, 2010, 7:43 PM |

Hello again!  I am back to report on round 2 of the SPICE Cup.  Today was a very exciting day!  For starters, GM Susan Polgar asked me if I would annotate the match between GM Georg Meier and GM Alexander Onischuk for Monroi.  Of course I gladly accepted her request and practically raced to my new seat for the day. 

The match between GM Meier and GM Onischuk was very intense.  As moves flashed back and forth, I realized how truly amazing these chess players are.  Not only were they able to keep their concentration for 4 grueling hours, they also played REALLY good chess. These two men truly are mental athletes.

Eventually, GM Meier got the best of GM Onischuk in a very close game.  I truly commend both of these players for their fighting spirit.  It was a great experience to watch them up close.

Now for the rest of the report:  The game between IM Irina Krush and IM Andre Diamant was a tough, lengthy endgame battle, but IM Andre prevailed in the end. One of the most interesting games was GM Ray Robson's match with GM Zoltan Almasi. GM Robson started a king side attack with 7.g4 but it never really worked out because GM Zoltan defended expertly. For the rest of the results see below.


IM Irina Krush 0 vs IM Andre Diamant 1

GM Gergely Antal 1 vs IM Danny Rensch 0

GM Ben Finegold 1/2 vs GM Davorin Kuljasevic 1/2

GM Anatoly Bykhovsky 1 vs FM Darwin Yang 0

IM Bryan Smith 1/2 vs IM Dean Ippolito 1/2


GM Ray Robson 0 vs GM Zoltan Almasi 1

GM Eugene Perelshteyn 0 vs GM Wesley So 1

GM Georg Meier 1 vs GM Alexander Onischuk 0

P.S. My brother (SirNewness) and I are in the SPICE Cup Open tomorrow.  Wish us luck! :D